Makeup Lessons in Kent & The Surrounding Areas

Makeup Lessons in Kent | Kent
Makeup Lessons in Kent | Kent
Makeup Lessons in Kent | Kent

One of my visions is to pass my knowledge on. You will receive EXPERT ADVICE on how to apply makeup. My makeup lessons have been described as “a game changer” by my clients.

Have you been applying your makeup the same way for years, or maybe you’ve never worn makeup and you’d like to start?

The application of makeup is a skill that women are expected to possess and yet one where few have had any formal training. We are often reliant on a process of learning through trial and error. This is an expensive path in a world where products are marketed on the basis of brand, not their suitability to different skin types, tones and textures.

I will teach you how to enhance your face shape and features. The secret of a beautiful face is how to apply the right products correctly, to bring your natural beauty to the fore.

My makeup lessons are designed to strip away the mystery of makeup, giving you simple application techniques using the correct products and colours that are right for you as an individual.

Makeup Lesson Approach

Each makeup lesson/consultation is unique and tailored to the experience and aspirations of the individual client. From teens excited to discover the mysteries of makeup and the latest looks, to mums and grandmothers wanting to look natural, elegant and youthful. Each makeup lesson takes place in your own home or venue of choice and includes…

  • listening to your personal experience with makeup and understanding what you want, as an individual, to achieve from the makeup lesson.
  • giving your makeup bag the ‘Feng shui’ treatment by removing the clutter of unwanted products. Organising your makeup to make the most of the investment you've already made.
  • a personalised skincare routine to ensure your skin looks great.
  • a discussion on which products work and will give you a long lasting look.
  • sharing my tips and tricks to perfect your makeup application.
  • step by step tuition, using the ‘Half Face Method’ which allows you to build confidence whilst practising new techniques.
  • creation of a "10 Minute Morning" routine to fit around your busy schedule.

Professional Makeup Lessons

My years of experience allows me to work as a makeup trainer, teaching private, 1 to 1 lessons, demonstrating to groups or leading a professional makeup masterclass. If you are a professional makeup artist and would like to perfect your skills or focus on a particular area of improvement, please do get in touch?

Makeup Lesson Prices

The cost of a makeup lesson is £130.00 for a lesson lasting approximately 2 hours. Please see prices on Elizabeth's price page

Makeup Lessons in Kent | Kent
Makeup Lessons in Kent | Kent
Makeup Lessons in Kent | Kent

Call Elizabeth for a professional, reliable, friendly bridal Makeup Lessons in Kent 07443 049929 or email alternatively send me a message via my booking page.

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