Is a Bridal Makeup Trial Essential?

Yes! Yes and triple yes!

When you walk down the aisle the first image your fiancé will see, is a holistic one. They will focus on the whole image, but as you walk towards them, they will be looking at your beautiful face, so make sure your makeup is flawless.

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There have been occasions when I have been called upon to do a wedding makeup without a trial due to a last minute cancellation. Being an award winning MUA means my experience and training have worked in my favour and the bride has been, overjoyed with her completed look. However, this is a situation that both the bride and myself would never choose. In fact, I would always recommend a trial.

Before We Start - The Importance of Skin Preparation

Not to put too fine a point on it, but flawless skin should probably be one of the top priorities for your wedding day. Devise a strategy for achieving your dream skin goals and remember to drink oodles of water, sleep at least eight hours a night and make a every effort to take time to relax; as stress can play havoc with your skin.

Visit an aesthetician for regular facials.

Limit your wine intake as it’s so dehydrating. Consumption causes your capillaries to flare-up and is a radiance robber. Drinking too much vino is a crime against your complexion. Why not cut back and substitute the Merlot for a delicious blended leafy green juice. Green juice is super for skin.

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Getting to Know You

The trial Is a great way for us to become acquainted. Trials can take anywhere from an hour and a half to 3 hours depending on requirements. For other party members a trial is optional, but if any of your wedding party are feeling anxious or are very particular about their makeup, then a trial is a good idea. It’s always beneficial to have a friend with you at the trial to give a trusted opinion. Perhaps extend the trial to a mum, sister or Maid of Honour.

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What Should I Wear for the Trial?

At the trial, it’s a good idea to wear an old, light coloured top as it will reflect light and not be wearing any make-up when I arrive, unless there is a specific aspect of your makeup that you would like me to see and replicate.

Thank Goodness for Pinterest.

I love it when a bride presents me with a hand crafted mood board or Pinterest board. This way, by exploring images, you will find your authentic self and connect to your heart and dreams.

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It’s all About Managing Expectations

Collect pictures of the makeup style you like but be realistic with the images you present. Find pictures where the model has a similar skin tone. Brides usually tell me that they want a natural look but natural to one person is glamorous to another. This is where images are really helpful.

Tell me Everything

The more I know about your wedding: The dress style, colour theme, bridesmaids dress, floral styling, hair... the more the makeup will harmonious with your vision and suit the occasion.

A trial is what it says on the tin. We look at the images presented, chat about what you like and just as importantly what you don’t like. I like to give my brides my time to listen to their ideas and advise accordingly.

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“I Want to Look Like Me but Better”

I believe makeup should enhance, not mask a face. You should indeed look the very best version of yourself. A trial works like a dress rehearsal. Practise before the big day.

At the trial, I always start with the eyes, building up as I go, until the required intensity is achieved. It’s important that you trust the process. I will give you choices as the trial progresses and build up to your final picture perfect look.

What About my Bridesmaids

The bride is the main focus of attention, so bridesmaid’s makeup is usually a soft, neutral look that coordinates with the wedding style and their skin tone. bridesmaid’s makeup should not stand out but support the bridal look.

Elizabeth Joseph-Love Blog
Elizabeth Joseph-Love Blog


Without a doubt my preference for a bride is individual lashes, which are tiny clusters of different lengths and thickness applied on the day using a soft glue and last for the duration of the wedding. Individual lashes are natural and look like an extension of your own lashes. They are applied to your own lashes on the wedding morning, instead of the lid like a strip lash. Individual lashes are different from semi-permanent lashes, which are done by a professional lash technician before the wedding day. Strip lashes are another option and come in different styles, lengths and volumes. I use the very best quality glue which is latex free, hypo allergenic and strong enough to be reliable.

Finally, be assured, I will not post trial pictures on my website or on social media and I never post wedding day images until after the event and always with the bride’s permission.