The Secret Life of a MUA...

An Insight into the Role

I’m truly convinced that I have the loveliest job in the world. It seems from the outside to be a rather glamorous role and most of the time it is, but like any other career, it does have its pressures.

There’s No Need to Apologise.

Be assured that when you sit in my makeup chair, I will never judge you. I spend a lot of my time reassuring my clients that it’s okay to be who they are. I see true beauty in everyone and I’m not focused on the flaws. So, be kind to yourself. You don’t need to apologise for what you view as imperfect, when you are just perfect the way you are.

Elizabeth Joseph-Love Blog

“Can’t you Just do a Little Bit?”

Believe it or not a natural makeup takes a similar amount of time as a Full Glam application. Makeup is layers and layers of thinly applied, high quality products that are built up and blended to look flawless and last for hours.

I have been asked in the past ...

Can’t you just do a little bit?”

As a highly trained professional this request is out of the question. No one would visit a hairdresser and ask for half a hair cut? I’m afraid It’s the whole face or nothing at all.

There have been times when the bridesmaids/Mothers of the Bride have been so anxious about having their makeup done that they have decided to do it themselves. Then, when they see my work first hand, they often regret that decision and sometimes ask...

“Can you fix my makeup for me?” I’m unable to do this as I would need to start from scratch and the schedule for hair and makeup on a wedding morning does not allow for the extra time and would, in fact, encroach on my other booked clients. If any of the wedding party feel anxious about having their makeup done; please, please, please have a trial. It will put your mind at rest.

Elizabeth Joseph-Love Blog
Elizabeth Joseph-Love Blog

Take a Look at my Portfolio

One thing I’ve heard so many times is “please don’t make me look like a clown.” If you take a look at my website galleries or my Instagram or Facebook page, then you will know that I have never made anyone look like a clown. Once you have looked at my work, you will be reassured and confident that I will make you look amazing.

Elizabeth Joseph-Love Blog

An unregulated Industry

Unfortunately, there is no licensing for make-up artists. Anyone can set up as a makeup artist. What this does is drives down prices and makes it harder for the legitimate artists to charge what they deserve for their experience, years of hard work and investment. In the past, I’ve had to pick up the pieces after an unqualified, uninsured make-up artist has let a client down.

When you choose a make-up artist, make sure you do your research. I’m now hopeful that because of new guidelines due to Covid-19, better standards of hygiene will be in place.

Always Learning, learning all Ways!

Makeup artistry takes technical skill and an abundance of knowledge to achieve high standards of excellence in all area of the profession.

I have many years of experience and have invested in my training. I regularly attend masterclasses and workshops that focus on the technical skill required to adapt to every face shape, skin tone and texture. Ongoing training is required for me to be at the top of my game and at the forefront of the latest industry trends.

Elizabeth Joseph-Love Blog
Elizabeth Joseph-Love Blog

Learning from Experience

I love to help out wherever I can to help make a wedding morning run smoothly. In my kit I carry a crochet hook to help with all those buttons on the dress and straws so that my clients can drink champagne, without the risk of smudging their lipstick.

I also carry a handheld fan for anyone who is feeling flushed or flustered. This is an absolute favourite with my mothers of the brides.

Bridesmaids Beware

If you are helping the bride into her dress and you need to go underneath her dress to sort out all those layers, make sure you get your lipstick applied after this is done, as you do not want to get lipstick smudged on the bottom of the dress.

Breathe In

Carry a needle and cotton matching the colour of the dresses to your wedding. In the past I’ve had to sew bridesmaid’s into their dresses, when the zip has broken. (Needle and cotton)

Contemplating the Ladies Room.

Embarrassing I know, but and essential tip.for brides. Make sure you tinkle before you twinkle. Use the ladies room before you put on your dress and then, later on, when you need to revisit the Ladies Room again, take your Maid of Honour with you, Lift the dress at the front, get your MOH to hold your wedding dress at the back and straddle the toilet forward rather than backwards. Then reverse out afterwards.This will make sure the dress never touches the WC or floor.

Behind the Scenes

It’s not just about the makeup... I’m a regular beauty blogger and podcaster. Contributing to wedding magazines and writing ‘ask the expert’ articles or featuring in an editorial Q&A is something I really enjoy.

Understanding portrait photography has been a game changer for me. Otherwise how else would I showcase my work? It’s taken many hours of research and practise to learn the skills required.

I spend a lot of my time creating social media posts and editing photographs and If only I had a pound for every brush I had washed; I would be a millionaire.

Elizabeth Joseph-Love Blog

I hope this has given you an interesting insight into the fabulous role of a make-up artist.